At the time of formation of Sanstha, the following objectives were set to be achieved:

  1. The Sanstha would try to preserve and promote the democratic traditions of the Dogri-Pahari people.
  2. The Sanstha would make efforts for the development of Dogri-Phari language and othe dialects spoken in the land of Dogras.
  3. The Sanstha would endeavour to get a place for largely-spoken language of the land viz., Dogri, in the 8th schedule of the indian constitution.
  4. The Sanstha will make every possible effort for the growth and development of dogri literature.
  5. The Sanstha would contribute to the efforts made in the field of research regarding Dogra culture and Dogri language.
  6. The Sanstha would try to conserve and preserve the world famous pieces of Dogri-Pahari paintings and other art forms.
  7. The Sanstha would help the growth of and in popularizing the tradition of Dogri-Pahari music.
  8. The Sanstha would strive to undertake scientific research of folk literature and folk arts. The sanstha would also attempts to collect the rich but scattered heritage of Dogra folk art and folk literature and arrange for publishing and preserving it.
  9. The Sanstha would aim at undertaking scientific research in the history of Dogri-Pahari region and publishing it after thorough checks.
  10. The Sanstha would approach the state and centaral govt. for maintenance, conservation and preservation of the places and buildings of historical importance.
  11. The Sanstha would celebrate special events and festivals having a relevance to the social, cultural and national aspects of Dogri-Pahari people.
  12. To cooperate and collaborate with other organisation which are working for the aims and objectives which are common with Dogri Sanstha.
  13. The Sanstha would arrange for special coaching of students who appear in various examinations pertaining to Dogri language.
  14. The Sanstha would set up a trust for the maintenance and up keep of the immoveable property for facilating the regular activities of sanstha.
  15. The Sanstha would facilitate writers, artists, intellectuals and historians who work for the promotion of aims and objectives of Dogri Sanstha.
  16. The Sanstha would organize debates, programmes based on music, drama and other literary competitions from time to time and exhibitions related to arts.
  17. The Sanstha would gave awards and fellowships to promising new talent in the area of art and culture.
  18. The Sanstha, according to her means and resources, would give financial help to needy and poverty-stricken writers and artists.

Their are many prominent fields in which Sanstha has contributed remarkably. To name a few, these activities include:

  1. Organization of a large number of conferences, seminars, symposia & workshops on various topics of importance concerning language literature, arts and media etc.
  2. Leading role in starting post graduate classes of dogri in the university.
  3. Leading role in introduction of dogri at primary level in schools.
  4. Mass Awareness about and promotion of dogri language and culture through lok-melas and other languages relating to life, history and culture of the region.
  5. Creations of a well-stocked library not only of all available dogri books, but also books of other languages realting to life, history and culture of this region.
  6. The struggle for inclusion of dogri in the 8th schedule of indian constitution.
  7. Popularization of Dogri poetry and music by organizing special musical programmes etc.